Senin, 29 April 2019

Empties | The Body Shop - Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask

Hola everyone! long long long time no see.
I would like to share with you my "empties", here it is The Body Shop - Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask.

This mask contains 100% vegan (combination of ginseng extract, rice extract, sesame seed oil) formulated without paraben, paraffin, silicone and mineral oil. The texture is creamy but there is scrubs inside.

The first sensation you'll enjoy is an icy feeling on your face and smell of ginseng through your nose. It could refresh your mind magically (or maybe is it just me? lol)

this packaging is not travel friendly because it is so heavy and made from glasses.
but look how it looks so gorgeous and so firm

the texture is scrub-like mask but it will sticking nicely on your face
There is an instant effect from this mask. Besides it comforts me during the application, it's directly brighten the face. And the skin feels soooo smooth! Maybe it's because the scrub in it.

However, the price is pretty high. At the store it was around Rp. 350.000,-. But I think it's totally worth every penny because the calming effect of this mask really helps me a lot when I'm stressed out during my coass life lol

Good luck everyone and see you on my next post!
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Bring the good vibes ❣
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Senin, 03 Oktober 2016

Mt. Prau: Hello from 2565 masl

Hi everyone! This post's highlight is about Mt. Prau.
August 23rd 2016 I had an exam which means days before I couldn't do exercise simply because I had to study and had an enough time to take a rest. But me and my friends planned to go to Prau Mountain on the day after, August 24th 2016.
view from the peak of Mt. Prau
First of all, Mount Prau located in Dieng plateau, Wonosobo, Central Java.

I went there with Dhira, Usnong, Syahdi, Dimas, Alem, Andika and Hanif.

I'd like to share my journey to 2565 meters above sea level. Here we go!

Start from Semarang, Saturday August 24th 2016 we went to Wonosobo and about 3 hours we arrived.

At first we went to Alem's house and took a rest then about 3 o'clock in the afternoon we arrived at basecamp of Mt. Prau mountaineering and it was raining. So we waited about an hour hoped the rain stopped then we started our trip to the peak. The mountaineering cost IDR 10.000.

#to the 1st post
So many stairs at first. We walked from basecamp towards an uphill road with rocks but tacky on it. It was raining and my shoes soles broken off fortunately I still could wear it. Then we stopped at a tavern, drank a hot tea and ate snacks.

#to the 2nd post
I think from all the terrain this was the most beautiful and easy one. Some roads are flats eventhough it was raining I saw the view is awesome!

#to the 3rd post
It was already dark :" the rain was calm down so I took off my coat at first but unfortunately in the middle of the way it became a heavy rain. I put it on again. The lightning and thunder were awful tho.
The terrain is very bad in my opinion this is the worst. In some part there were many choices but it was dark which means it's hard to see. In the other hand there was only soil, just enough for one person, so high and the water from the rain flew swiftly in and on my shoes.

#to the 4th post
The second worst. Lol, I mean seriously even there were some road that flats but the rest of it awful. My left and right side were gorges. Once again I said, it was dark and cold. When I found the camp area, I see the light! :"
We built our tent while it was raining. After we did it, we boiled water and cooked our dinner then went to sleep.

Total time: 4 hours

hiking partners
05.15 a.m
We went out from the tent. God is with us :" pretty light and the sunrise was beauuuuuuuutiful even it was shooooooooooo cold. After the sun was up, we went back to the tent and cooked our breakfast with a cheerful heart

Sunrise from Mt. Prau

10.00 a.m
Cleaned up our tent, backpack, food, etc. Ready to go home!
I felt so blessed because it was pretty bright. Back to the basecamp with beautiful view and just a little rain at the end.

on the way back. captured by Dimas Banurusman
That was my journey climbing Mt. Prau, I hope you guys like it!

Good luck everyone and see you on my next post!
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Jumat, 09 September 2016

Suicide Squad Review

Hi everyone! I come back with Suicide Squad review. The film itself released on August 5th 2016. I know it's late but I will still give it a shot anyway!


Synopsis: A secret government agency led by Amanda Waller recruits imprisoned super-villains to execute dangerous black ops missions and save the world from a powerful threat.

Starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Letto as Joker, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Cara Delevigne as Enchantress, Karen Fukuhara as Katana, etc.

Directed by David Ayer, this film turns out really amazing. I think this is the best DC comics film I've ever seen! The reason behind it, in my personal preference for 2 hours and 10 minutes I was not get bored at all since for the past DC comics films I always end up disappointed.


Trailer: SUICIDE SQUAD TRAILER  ← watch the trailer here!

I honestly underrated this film at first because the trailer and the poster were not turn me on. But the hype is real. Everyone was talking about this film, so why not?

The plot is incredibly good, no wonder. One that maybe made the viewers a little bit felt strange was, why Joker had a very tiny contribution in the whole story. Well for me it didn't decrease the amazement tho because the twist was very amusing *happy face*

From this Warner Bros. Picture's film, my favorite character is Harley Quinn! Her appearance was crazy yet enchanting and I freaking love the way she nailed the attention in every scene. And the best part is, she cracked the climax incredibly!!!!!!!!!

That was the review from me because I don't want this post becomes a spoiler for you guys who hadn't watched it. And for the final is I give Suicide Squad 9/10!

Good luck everyone and see you on my next post!
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Selasa, 31 Mei 2016

Fun Traveling: Karimun Java Island

Hi everyone! I wish you a very great day.
Nature is my biggest pleasure. Atmosphere of nature really calming and relaxing the soul and bring the pure spirit back. Couple weeks ago me and my bestfriends went to one of Indonesia's beautiful island: Karimun Jawa!

Pulau Karimun Jawa or Karimun Java Island is located in Kabupaten Jepara, Indonesia. I swear you if you go to this place there will be no regret!

My bestfriends and I got a recommendation from one of my bestfriend's friend (what? haha sorry for confusing you) a tour guide who lived in Karimun Java. It costs only IDR 675.000 for 3 days include the tour, foods, rooms for sleep and the ticket from Jepara to the Karimun Java Island.
I wonder in my mind, would it be fun if we will be followed by someone, like always, while we are on the vacation? (This is my first time using a tourism service/tour guide)

Just go on and no hesitate! Because it won't bother you at all.
Our tour guide named Mr. Dikin didn't directly follow us to everywhere nevertheless he just led us and for me personally I really enjoy it because you still feel the adventure vibe!

I went there with the best traveling partner ever: Nina, Dhira, Usnong, Syahdi, Dimas and Arin.

#Day1: Friday, May 20th 2016
We finally arrived at Karimun Java on 11.30 a.m after we passed the sea from 6.30 in the morning (5 hours OMG it was really tiring!)
I choose very comfy outfit: Unbranded navy blue cotton hijab | Gaudi black sleeve-less top | Richita Jeans outwear | Triset Jeans pants | White Converse All Star
I was so excited that we finally arrived and after that the boys did Sholat Jum'at while the girls did Sholat Zuhur in Mr. Dikin's house. And of course: eating!
After that we were led to a dock and get on ship:

then we went to the first stop: Pulau Menjangan Besar - Penangkaran Hiu (Captive Shark)
pardon our-everywhere-hands because we didn't allow to let the hands in the water
Notice a fish to made the shark came up!
In this place we only there less than an hour. But that's OK we couldn't really do much things.

To the next excitement level: Pantai Ujung Gelan
Awkward face but look the underwater view is totally cool!
Then we went to the beach, drank coconut water, ate gorengan. What a pleasure..
And the twilight comes:

perfect sunset and perfect jump
And about 6.00 p.m we went back to our place to take a rest..

#Day2: Saturday, May 21st 2016
8.00 in the morning we were ready to breakfast and start the adventure!
First destination: Pulau Cilik/Pulau Kecil

snorkeling! snorkeling! snorkeling!
we ate grilled fish together in Pulau Kecil
Nice small island, great beach, good food. Picnic, why not?
swinging swinging

About  from 10.00 to 14.00 we were in Pulau Cilik/Pulau Kecil then to the next destination: Pulau Gosong!
Pulau Gosong is very unique because it is neither an island nor the sea. I can't even explain-_- absolutely incredible!

And to wrap the great day we went to our last snorkeling session: Pulau Tengah

The photographer is really amazing and multi-talented, isn't he?
dont you worry I only held a rock actually

What a great day and for enjoying the sunset we went back to the main island: To Bukit Cinta!

And that's all for our tour, we went to downtown for the rest of the night and heading back to Jepara the next morning.

#Day 3: Sunday, May 22nd 2016

Till we meet again Karimun Java Island!

Oh and we made a vlog in Bahasa Indonesia. If only you want to check out our journey! xoxo

Good luck everyone and see you on my next post!
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Minggu, 15 Mei 2016

Swing Yoga

Hi everyone!
Last month I was invited to attend in a Yoga Class for a research of my senior's essay. But not the regular Yoga, it was a SWING YOGA!

What is Swing Yoga?

Swing Yoga is a sport which you can strike your regular yoga poses while swinging using the swing yoga equipment. Swing yoga equipment(s) basically consist of three fabrics (I really forget the name of each), one is the big one for your body and the others are for your hands to handle.

This research meant to prove that there is an effect after we did Swing Yoga to our intra-ocular pressure.

At first the researcher, Kak Rahmah Sadida, measured our intra-ocular pressure and gave the anesthetic before she did it. My intra-ocular pressure was about twenty. FYI the normal pressure is 10-21 mmHg. 
I came to the place when I recently woke up so it was normal cause when we woke up in the morning the pressure is tend to high.

When the Yoga is started we were stretching to warmth the body. We didn't do the normal stretching but with the fabric directly, it was so easy but in a minute I felt that I had been sweating!
Then we started from the most easy pose until the hardest one.

I laughed so hard when did the namasthe pose I'm sorry it should be relaxing and calming LOL

Oh and don't worry we will be led by a professional instructor!

It's a bat pose! and the fabric only hold my shoulder
me was trying so hard to do a superman pose

It was soooooooooo much fun! I personally like it!
I just don't like the fact that it made a nausea after that; don't worry not every people through it. The session is pretty short, just about an hour but for God sake I sweat like A LOT

After all the pose we stretched the body to cooling down and time to measure the intra-ocular pressure again. The result is really amazing for me; the pressure incredibly decreased until about 14!
I enjoyed it and such a wonderful experience with a huge advantage.

Dare to try?

Good luck everyone and see you on my next post!
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